Race Details

The LOST 118-Mile Endurance Run is a one-loop circumnavigation of Lake Okeechobee, the second-largest freshwater lake in the United States, using the top of the Herbert Hoover Dike as the race course.  The race takes place beginning at 7:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Saturday morning, February 25, 2012, and the Start/Finish line will be at Roland Martin’s Resort and Marina in Clewiston, Florida.

The race course is ‘new’ this year, since this is the first year the Start/Finish is located in Clewiston.  The race will travel clockwise around the lake, proceeding from Clewiston north to Moore Haven, then around to Lakeport, Okeechobee, Port Mayaca, Pahokee, and then back to Clewiston.  All but one 35-mile section of the course is wide, flat, baby-butt-smooth pavement, and the 35-mile stretch between Moore Haven and Okeechobee is a mix of rough coral-rock two-track road and grassy two-track trail.

Although there is no ‘official’ cutoff time, the aid stations located along the race course will close on a 34-hour pace.  This means that if a runner is moving slower than a pace that would get them to the finish line in 34 hours or less, then that runner may find that there is no aid available to them on the race course in the later stages of the race.

If a runner is running slower than a 34-hour finish pace, and has crew and/or support personnel with them at every trail access point, then that runner may continue on the course until they reach the Finish line.  If that runner loses his or her crew and/or support personnel, and there are no longer any aid stations left on the race course, then that runner must stop and leave the course at that point.

There are two race options – Solo Runner and Two-Person Relay.

Solo Runners are encouraged to have either crew or support personnel to travel along with them, although it is possible to run as a Solo Runner without crew.  There will be between 25 and 27 aid stations located along the course, with the bulk of those aid stations unmanned.  Aid stations will be as close as 2-3 miles apart, and as far apart as 9-10 miles, depending on trail access location points.

Unmanned aid stations will consist of a cooler stocked with food, drinks, ice and limited race supplies, along with 2-3 gallons of water at each location.  At least seven aid stations will be manned aid stations, with personnel available to help, as well as a wider selection of food, drink, and race supplies.  Some drop bag locations will be available as well.

Two-Person Relay Teams should be self-supported – that is, they should not expect to use aid and supplies at the various trail access points that will be left for Solo Runners.  Since Relay Teams will have a vehicle, Team members are expected to crew each other in the race.

Relay Teams are allowed to split the mileage up any way they so choose – as long as every runner on the Team runs at least one leg of the race.  Some teams will switch runner and driver at each access point, while others will run for extended periods of time before switching out.

Every runner who finishes the race will receive a Finisher’s Medal, and all Entrants receive a commemorative LOST 118 Shirt.

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